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The Bagpiper Sir David Wilkie 1785-1841

Print taken from a book published 1807

Painting of William Cumming, Piper to the Laird of Grant by Richard Waitt, 1714

"MacCruimin from MacLeod" printed by A. R. Goldie from the Original Clan Costume Sketch by R. R. Mc Ian 1846.

Bagpiper Gerard. I know nothing about this other than it was on eBay and was so silly I had to put it up.

Piping Angels in the Carafa Chapel Basilica de S. Maria Sopra Minerva, Rome. Painted by Fillippino Lippi circa 15th c, sent to me by David Rowlands

Procession, Saint-Pierre Church, Moutiers (Yonne). Gothic, 13th Century

I don't believe Thomas Rowlandson ever saw a bagpipe in his life... in fact, he invented a new instrument... the "Bag and Pipe"

Angel in Stained Glass.

Papal cape of Boniface VIII
Church of St. John Lateran, Rome
Thanks to Dave Rowlands for this one.

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