Images of Bagpipes by the Beham Brothers

The images on this page are by the Beham Brothers, Hans Sebald and Barthel who worked during the period of the 16th century.

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Church Anniversary Holiday at Mögelsdorf by Sebald Beham, 1534

Bagpipe Player and his Lover by Sebald Beham, 1520

The Musicians from The Wedding Processional by Sebald Beham.

Engraving by Sebald Beham, 1537.

The Nose Dance at Fool's Town by Sebald Beham

Hans Sebald Beham The Year's End Engraving, 1546

the Shepherd of Newtown by Barthel Beham, Hans Sebald's brother.

Two Street-Players and a Girl by Sebald Beham

Peasant Holiday by Barthel Beham

Large Peasant Holiday by Hans Sebald Beham

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