Bagpipe Engravings; Albrecht Durer

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One of the finest specimens, an Albrecht Durer piece from 1514.

You know, I just didn't think that was right. The book says this is the Shepherd apparently by Albrecht Durer, 1535 but in an e-mail from Ernst Schmidt he explains... well... click the image.

Albrecht Durer from Narren Speel-Schuyt, 1507.

Albrecht Durer, from "Narren Speel-Schuyt" 1507

A fairly common etching by Albrecht Durer, the Menagerie. His initials are reversed making me wonder as to the origin of this image.

Adoration of the Shepherds

The Nativity. Ernst Schmidt writes that both these two belong to Heinrich Aldegrever who somewhat deviously uses AG as initials (which look very similar to AD). This information makes my comments under the next image moot (I love that word).

This appears to be Durer except that the initials read A.G. instead of A.D. I'd say AG was looking at someone else's paper (hey, those are my initials)!

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