Papal cape of Boniface VIII

Church of St. John Lateran, Rome

This comes from Dave Rowlands. I'll pass on his message.

Hi Aron,great site, (thanks -ed.) it's wonderful to find so many images of pipers that aren't highland. I'm sending you this picture i took in Italy several years ago.In the musium of the church St.John Lateran, in Rome, there is the "cope" (paple cape) of Boniface VIII, (C13, english workmanship). This is one of two similar images on it. Please refer to the Blue Guide for Rome,sixth ed.,1998, page216. ISBN 0-7136-4669-1. I hope this is usful, and that you like it, i think it's amazing. I may have some more tapestry pic's from the vatican musium, but they are of dubious quality and may take some time to find. keep up the good work,

Dave Rowlands.