Bagpipe Paintings

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This one took my breath away. The detail in the bagpipes is amazing although I wonder how much the model knew about them. This is called simply the Bagpiper by Abraham Bloemaert.

This painting called Bagpipe Player by Hendrick Terbrugghen, 1624. Clicking on this image will also show you the other version of this painting by Ter Brugghen (alt. spelling)!

Aertsen's the Egg Dance

I found this in the Kulturgeschichte book. By Narciss Renner, 1520. Click the image to see the info recently provided by Ernst Schmidt.

One of the few paintings I have with no one actually holding the pipes. The more different the better. This is by Frans Hals entitled Shrovetide Revelers

Preparations for a Feast by Jan Fyt and Thomas Willeboirts. This one was destroyed in 1945 and there is no known color photograph in existence. Thanks again to E. Schmidt for this new info.

Thought to be the actor La Thoilliere. Red chalk study from front and side ca. 1716.

A little, French, bellows blown bagpipe called the "Musette" is featured in Antoine Watteau's painting Fetes Venitiennes

Another by Antoine Watteau called the Dancing Couple, again, the player has a musette.

In these paintings Watteau uses a traditional musette with a chanter and drone coming from the same stock. French Theatre

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