Bagpipe Paintings: David Teniers II

Like Jan Steen, David Teniers II experimented with many paintings of the same general idea; genre paintings which happened to take place outside, near a tree with a bunch of folks dancing and a bagpiper as the entertainment seemed to be his general focus as far as bagpipes went. Here are the ones I have so far.

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This image by David Teniers the II my wife and I used on our home made wedding beer (we figured it fitting) "Wedding Dance".

Odd how much this Teniers looks an awful lot like the last one. Same bagpiper, same dancing couple, same dog. "Peasants Dance"

This is a very close copy of the one above done in 1646, the Younger

Yet another, maybe this is just a different angle?

A Peasant's Wedding by David Teniers

I just found out that there is no color version of this one! Ernst Schmidt tells me that it was stolen several years ago. Anyone seen this?

An allegory on one of the 5 senses "Hearing".

Does this look familiar?

How about this one? The partial letters aren't really supposed to be there, long story.

The Dance outside the Cabare, 17th century by David Teniers the Younger

Peasants dancing ("Scenes pastorales"), 17th century by David Teniers the Younger