Bagpipe Etchings, Engravings and Drawings Page 5

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The Blind Piper by J. Naysmyth engraved 1868 by E. Jog

Blind Piper, artist and date yet unknown

The legend of Der Liebe Augustin

German Bagpiper Date unknown
Another eBay find, wish I knew the artist and date. It doesn't look that old, maybe mid to late 19th Century

Copper engraving plate, anonymous Northeast Italian, last quarter of 15th C.
What's that hanging off his drone?

Apollo and Marsyas by Benedeto Montagna, c. 1515-1520

Le galant berger jouant de la musette
B.N. Estampes M. Lasne et Mariette

Highland Piper Francis Grose 1797

Pair of Dancers, In a Wreath with Cupids by Baccio Baldini, c. 1475

This was photographed in a museum in Brussels, nothing else is known.

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