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After Andre Thevet's Cosmographie Universelle, Olaus Magnus

Olaus Magnus' carta marina, in Konrad Gesner's "Tierbuch",16th century. Who knew that a whale flaying would require the services of a piper?

From Olaus Magnus' Historia de gentibus septentrionalibus, Rome, 1555

Also from Olaus Magnus

Bartolomeo Pinelli, Ballo di sposi ciociari (1809-1820)

Anonymous Woodcut, frontispiece for P. Legacci's Scatizza (1523)
Rome, Apostolica Vatican Library from the 1544 edition

Anonymous (15th century), Pan Silvanus Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana
MS. Ashburn 1166, fol. 18r.

Anonymous woodcut, frontispiece, La Nencia da BarberinoVenice National Marciana Library.
Mis. 779.6 fol. 1v.

Nicolay Villageois grec. 1577: fol. 173:

Does this one look familiar?

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