Bagpipe Etchings, Engravings and Drawings Page 4

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Gobbo Playing the Bagpipe [Gobbi] by Jacques Callot, 1622. The Gobbi were a well known troup of dwarves who used to perform in the 16th century. This image is actually one in a series.

19th C. copy of "Les Gobbi" after Jacques Callot

And another 19th c. copy

Giuseppe Maria Mitelli, Sonatori sconcertati (Discordant Musicians), from an unnumbered set of twelve caricatures engraved after Pietro de Rossi's drawings, 1686 (looks like Callot again).

Bagpiper by David Deuchar (fl. 1771-1803)

This by Anton Overlaet Flemish , 1720 - 1774 after a painting by David Teniers. Doesn't this look like Deuchar's Bagpiper?

John Dixon Batten British, The Piper 14 April 1905

The Witches Dance in Aloway Kirk by John Faed

Hyacinthe Rigaud French, Sheet of Studies of Hands Playing Bagpipes and Drapery, 1735

Peasants Dancing To Bagpipe Music In Landscape With Ruins And Animals, A.-F. Bargas, 17th - 18th century

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