The legend of Der Liebe Augustin

In 1679, plague swept through Austria killing many. The story of Augustin is the story of the town "dudelsackpfeifer" who, after drinking his weight in good beer, passed out just outside of the Griechenbeisl and was thought victim to the plague. He was then tossed into the plague pit outside of town with all his possessions. Upon waking, the bewildered piper picked himself up, realized where he was and yelled for help. Nobody heard his cries. He raised his pipes and stirred up a tune. The townspeople heard the "ruckus" coming from the pit and ran over to see what was happening. When they got there they saw the bagpiper who cheated death and "came back" from the dead. That is the story of "Ach, Du Liebe Augustin" (no, the purple dinosaur did NOT write that tune).

Outside the Griechenbeisl with the carving of Augustin
The sign reads "The beloved Augustin sang his song here."

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