Church Anniversary Holiday at Mögelsdorf by Sebald Beham, 1534

Again with the vomiting!

The text reads:
One day I went to a Kirchweih
At Mögelsdorf, where I saw
The peasants carousing
At a large inn.

The wine was knocked back so hastily
That many of them fell under the bench.
They also raised a great clamor of farting and spitting,
Shouting, screaming, singing, and crying.
The donkey miller from Potenstain
Who was the greatest drinker at the table
Sprang about with Elsie the farmer's wife.
And squeezed her so close to him that she choked.

These verses by Hans Sachs, Nuremburg's leading poet, really depicts the peasant classes as very classy. For more of these, check out the Nose Dance page. A Kirchwieh is the celebration of the church's anniversary.