Bagpipes: Zampogna

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Shepherd playing the Bagpipes Jean Leon Gerome ca.1880

by Tuno von Aechtritz, date unknown

"Sal Marroni Liegino Naise" is the only thing written about this painting.

A Sketch at Naples late 19th c.

Man playing the Bagpipes Joseph Stella (1877-1946)

Zampogna Player (Zampognaro). Date and Artist Unkown

A Roman Bagpiper by J. Gilbert from "In The Exhibition Of The Water-Color Society" published in "The Illustrated London News" June, 1861.

Italian School ca.1860, Italian Shepherd, oil

This ones better, Charles Emile Jacque, Street Musicians, 19th century

Johann Heinrich Tischbein the Younger, Dudelsackpfeifer (Bagpipe player), 18th - 19th century

Shepherd Playing the Zampogna, ca. 19th c. Artist name hard to read, Vayson, Vatson?

Pifferari in Rome, 1857

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