Double Chanter Bagpipe Carving

carving on oak, Church of St. Eustacius, Tavistock

Discovered by Phil Williams, his message is below.

The church is St Eustacius in the centre of Tavistock formerly the site of the Benedictine Abbey of St Mary and St Rumon dissolved in 1539.

The carving is on a beam recovered from Tavistock Abbey and on display as shown on a beam 4ft long 6inches thick and 15 inches wide.

The Bagpiper is 10 inches from head to foot and 6 inches elbow to elbow.

The 2 other photos are lit from the left and from the right.

Is it a double chanter? Well, it is if you want it to be. There is a clear distinction at the top, and the chanter played by the left hand is slightly longer than the right hand. Both end in a lump.