Bagpipe Tapestries, Carvings, Figurines etc...

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Tapestries Carvings Carvings 2

Michael Mac Harg, who was one vacation with his wife in Nova Scotia, came across this tapestry after Teniers' "the Concert" hanging in an old fort they visited one day. It's amazing where this stuff turns up.

French Tapestry, 16th c. Boston Museum of Fine Arts

This image called "The Dance" comes from the Renaissance Faire Shop. This tapestry is from the "Noble Pastorale" series of tapestries woven around 1530

This is the seat section of a chair which was in possession of King Louis XV. Just imagine the bottoms which have been planted there!

Table, "Chance and Harmony" at Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire, 16th c. Thanks to Sean Stewart for the leg work here.

Tapestry from Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire

This Tapestry Image comes from the University of Michigan and is a tapestry based on a David Teniers and is called "le Joueur de Cornemuse" 9' 7'' by 8' 8'' circa 1718. The set of pipes is a double drone and, as is most often the case, being played for dancers at a party.