Pictures of the 2003 Piper's Gathering
Shore Acres, North Hero, VT

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Pipers' Gathering

What a great shot, I wish I took it. I got this one directly from the Pipers' Gathering web page. I'll get a credit up here for the photographer soon.

Same photographer (so far I know his initials are SD), different angle. After this one, all the images were taken by me.

Session in the rooms with Iain and Dan

Julian demonstrating a set

The treadle lathe was a great attraction. Thanks to George Lott

Morning Border Pipe class with Fin


Smallpipe class with Barry

The bagpipes of Julian Goodacre

The clothes of Julian Goodacre! It's the "Good 'ol Blues Boys Goodacre Brothers Band"

Anyone who heard Dan and Nigel play that weekend was scratching their head wondering why those two weren't on stage! They sound great together.

Bill Spence and B.C. keeping the shoppers entertained

The famous Swiss Army Double Chanter pipes!

Rick and Bill playing their Goodacre Cornish Double Chanter sets

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