Bagpipes in Medieval Manuscripts

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Tree of Jesse from a breviary c. 1460 of Philip the Good

Another eBay acquisition, not entirely sure how old this one really is or who the artist is. Also, the image was small so I tried to blow it up. Eh....

From the Hunterian Psalter. This is supposed to be one of the earliest bagpipe images known although I think the artist was a bit confused. Was that a bagpipe or a bladderpipe?

Codex of the Manese Family a collection of songs from Zurich, early 14th C.

Gorleston Psalter [f 43v]

From the Olomouc Bible 1417 at the Olomouc University Library

Psalm 81 East Anglian psalter c. 1310

Annunciation of the Shepherds

Book of Hours Diocese of Avranches use. Normandy, vers 1480

From the British Library, Stowe 17 [f 44v.]

Petites Heures de Jean de Berry (1375-1416)

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