Morlachs, Musicians of Zara

the following text is quoted verbatim from eBay where this image came up;

"The Morlacks are that branch of the Croato-Serbian people who inhabit Dalmatia, one of the Austrian crown-lands.  They speak the Slavic form of speech known as Illyria, but this, like the Symrian, Istrian, and other dialects, local and otherwise, belonging to the Illyrian group, is so little different from Servian, that a traveller knowing any one of them could, without much difficulty, make himself understood throughout the entire country peopled by the other subdivisions of the family.  The word Morlacks—which ought properly to be spelled Morlach—is said to mean "sea-Vlachs," or strangers.  The Carinthians, Carniolans, and Styrians are usually bracketed as Slovenians."