Bagpipes of Denis Diderot

These images come from an Encyclopedia by Denis Diderot (1713-1784). Among the tribal, wood and brass wind, hurdy gurdy and greek instruments he had a page featuring two different types of bagpipes. Clicking on either of the top images will bring you to the same page, the broadside featuring the two pipes as well as all accoutremonts such as the bellows, reeds, bellows pipe etc. As of now, I don't have better images of the bottom two although I can tell you that they are also available in the book "Music, a pictorial archive of woodcuts and engravings" by Jim Harter (it's not where I got these, but he has made good reproductions).

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Figure 1, Bellows blown.

Figure 8, Mouth blown.

This set of bagpipes looks pretty made up to me

This looks like a representation of a Hydraulis, well as I can figure

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