Two Chanter English Bagpipes

These Two Chanter pages are entirely the footwork and research of James Merryweather who was as happy to supply me with them as I was to have them. All notes and observations are by him except in some cases where I absolutely could not help but put in my two cents.

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Altarnon, Cornwall, St Nonna. Cylindrical chanters, no drone English carved bench end by Robart Daye, 1510-30

Broad Chalke, Dorset, All Saints. Conical chanters, single drone, c. 1500

Berrington Hall, Herefordshire. Conical Chanters with shuttle drone. French tapestry after Lancret c. 1800

Davidstow, Cornwall, St. David. Conical chanters, single drone, carved bench end c. 1500

Beverly Minster, Yorkshire. Conical chanters or "Comical" chanters? (aren't those legs?) no drone, in fact it looks much like some crazy dog fettish. Misericord 1520

Beverly Minster. Conical chanters, single drone, ape playing for dancing bear, misericord 1520

Beverly Minster. Chanters missing, single drone, stone carving c. 1335

Elm, Cambridgeshire, All Saints. Cylindrical chanters, single drone, "ass-eared foor", wood carving 1450-1500

Double chanters, double entendre

Loders, Dorset, St. Mary Magdalene. Conical chanters, single drone. Gargoyle, stone carving, 14th Century?

Witchampton, Dorset, St. Mary, St. Cuthbert and All Angels. Conical chanters, single drone. Gargoyle, stone carving. Again, 14th Century?

York Minster. Conical chanters, drone uncertain, wood carving (choir screen).

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