Prydein's Discography
Track Listings
  • Track 1: Devil's in the Kitchen
  • Track 2: Loch Lomond
  • Track 3: Thyme Changes
  • Track 4: Centerfold
  • Track 5: The Drunken Piper
  • Track 6: Longing for the Homeland
  • Track 7: 1/4 Short
  • Track 8: Whisky You're the Devil
  • Track 9: Horny-pipes
  • Track 10: Breton Tunes
  • Track 11: Feelin' Alright
  • Track 12: The Big Apple Heist

  • Track 1: Loud Pipes (save lives)
  • Track 2: Minstrel Boy
  • Track 3: Run Runaway
  • Track 4: Backdraft
  • Track 5: Nancy Whisky
  • Track 6: Emi's Jig
  • Track 7: Johnny Jump Up
  • Track 8: Aria's Waltz
  • Track 9: The Wild Rover
  • Track 10: The $17 Red Head
  • Track 11: Stairway to Scotland aka
    Amazing Grace / Scotland the Brave
  • Track 1: Farewell to Eirann
  • Track 2: Minor Adjustments
  • Track 3: Star of the County Down
  • Track 4: Something Skattish
  • Track 5: Baertohn Concerto
  • Track 6: Wild Mountain Thyme
  • Track 7: Paddy's Leather Britches
  • Track 8: Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore
  • Track 9: Hector the Hero
  • Track 10: Scotsman's Blues
  • Track 11: Gaelic Conspiracy
the 1st Album

Unfinished Business was recorded in the summer of 1999 with Joe Egan of Eclipse Recording (now Egan Media Productions) at the board. The band had just come off of a short break after the dissolution of their previous band, Whisky Before Breakfast. This album compiles all the arrangements Aron and Iain had been working on for the next Whisky album, some tracks born post-Whisky and even some re-arranged old Whisky Before Breakfast material.


From Seven Days reviewer, Paul Gibson;

"Okay, who put the jalapenos in the haggis? That would be Prydein, Burlington's foremost "kilt-rock" quartet formed by ex-Whisky Before Breakfast members, piper Iain Mac Harg and guitarist Aron Garceau. This is a fun, original and well-played record... the recording was crisply produced by Garceau and Joe Egan at Eclipse, with considerable help from the versatile Aaron Flinn. Prydein blend their originals seamlessly with traditional tunes and, while most of the disc is instrumental, Garceau lends his warm and effective voice to several tracks. Mac Harg handles most of the melodies here and his impeccable playing is at the core of the band's sound. I especially liked Garceau's "Baertohn Concerto," with its lovely acoustic intro, and the closer, "Gaelic Conspiracy."... Prydein have a truly novel sound. These fine musicians have one foot planted firmly in the past, while the other tries to kick the future's ass."

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