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The Old Cochran House, East Barre, Vermont

Recently sold at an auction, this house was the home of the Cochrans
for many years. The house, originally built in 1898 was the home for
the Carnes family who "discovered" East Barre. There was some weirdness
with the house changing hands, in fact, it came about because the old woman
who lived there refused to eat until the Waterbury hospital returned her
"eccentric" older daughter to her. The state had no intention of returning her
daughter and they found Mrs. Cochran a month later;
she had stuck to her end of the bargain.

UPDATE: The Cochran house was purchased 3 years ago by a contractor who has been doing some EXTENSIVE rennovating of the place. All the plaster is gone, all the plumbing and electrical was re-done (since the mother and daughter had ripped it all out), the hole in the back of the house is gone, the outside has been restored, a beautiful bathroom has been put in as well as vintage, ornate, gold painted radiators throughout. The place is a mansion. I'll add pictures in the spring when I take them.

These pictures were from the day of the auction,
the only time I've ever dared go near the place.

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