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Aron Garceau Genealogy

The Sainz family from Barre, VT in 1924
Sainz Family

The picture to the left is of my Grandfather as a baby with his mother, Florinda "Lita" (Perez) and his father and namesake, Manuel Sainz. I have very little information on the Sainz side as they didn't come into the U.S. until the 20s and my Spanish isn't yet good enough to trace them through Spain. I am fortunate to have some very good early photographs from my Grandparents including pictures of my great, my great-great and my great-great-great grandmother, something which I don't have on my Garceau side.

My Great-Grandparents on their wedding day

Manuel Sainz Sr.

Florinda "Lita" (Perez) Sainz

My Great-Grandfather fooling around. Wish I knew who his friends were.

   My Great-Great-Great-Grandmother Sainz   

Manuel Sainz Senior's Parents.
  Notice how nicely dressed they are in this picture.  

My Great-Great-Grandparents and family in Spain.
All I know about them is that their last name was Sainz.

My Grampa with his parents

Cina, Manuel Sr. (holding Rudy and a puppy)
and my Grampa.
Look how happy he is.

My Grandfather and his brothers and sister.
L-R: Rudy, Manuel, Cina and Phil in front.

Grampa and his son-in-law (my father),
they both were on the East Barre Fire
Department together for a number of years.

Any information offered will be returned in kind if I have it. I am always willing to supply pictures and information to anybody researching their family roots.
Just drop me an e-mail at celt_rock (at) yahoo (dot) com