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Pierre Andre Renaud dit Locat

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Pierre Andre Renaud dit Locat was born ABT 1640 in Leucate, Languedoc, France. He died 25 JAN 1713 in Grondines, Quebec. He was the son of Jean Renaud dit Locat and Marie Laurence.

Pierre Andre Renaud dit Locat's wife was Francoise Desportes. They were married. They had one known child named Marie Renaud dit Locat (1678-?).


soldier in the Carignan-Salières regiment

Leucate is a Mediterranean sea port about halfway between Narbonne and Perpignan. All sources say he was born there, and that is the source of his dit name.

FRancogene site insists he was born at Boujan-sur-Libron (Hérault : 340037), in Herault.
Boujan-sur-Libron is near the coast of Languedoc, about the same distance northeast of Narbonne that Leucate is south of Narbonne. The two towns are a good 50 miles apart.

Arrived in 1665 Aug 17 memories SGCF XIII #1 soldier Carignan-Salieres regiment.

From Daughters of the King web site: Regiment/Ships/ships.html
Renoud, Pierre-André (Locatte), (7)
Company Grandfontaine-7

Which would be

L'Aigle d'Or
300 tons or 400 tons
Captain Sieur de Villepars
Left La Rochelle 13 May
Arrived 18 August Quebec
Notes Ancient & decrepit ship of the King - Left 19 Sept
Companies: Grandfontaine, La Fredière, La Motte, Salières

From Pierre Renaud, e-mail (information on this line is also from him)

Pierre-André Renaud took the name Locat by distortion (bad pronunciation) of the name of the locality he was originated, Leucate, a Mediterranean sea port about halfway between Narbonne and Perpignan. The form of the name: Renaud _dit_ Locat is equivalent to Renaud _said_ (AKA) Locat. The name Leucate varied from Leaucat (1709) to Laucatte (1753) and Locquat as used in Pierre-André's marriage contract (1669). Leucate became Locat, then Locas, then Lacas. I have seen Laucas too (au = o in French). Pierre-André was a soldier and it was general practice among soldiers to take a nickname, sometimes their place of origin, a geographic feature, a trade. Pierre-André was a soldier in the Carignan-Salières regiment, Granfontaine company. This regiment was sent from France in 1665 specially to tame the Iroquois Indians who were raiding the French colony in the St-Laurent valley. After a succesfull campaign the soldiers and officers were offered land if they wished to stay in the colony. This was to increase the occupation of the territory quite a bit and provide military protection through the militia. Usually the officers were granted a large piece of land (seigneury or fief) that they could divide into lots of 20 X 3 to 30 by 4 arpents (about 45 to 90 acres) or more depending on the localization, quality of soil, etc. Many soldiers followed their officers in the venture and established on those lots.

Their son Pierre was traveling for fur trade (voyageur) and married in 1739 in Michilimakinac, now in Michigan, and lived in Illinois where he had is family and married again in 1773.

The notes Pierre sent me had a third son Pierre, with an odd parenthetical name.

Renaud dit locas (renoche), pierre
b 1699-12-2
bapt 1699-12-20 Grondines then a different spouse. I suppose he must have married twice. Most of other descendants established in Montreal area and a few migrated to the USA. That is the story about Pierre-André Renaud dit Locat.

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