This is the living room after all the work was done

This is our crowning achievement on this house. And it's not like we even had to do anything, all we had to do was to UNDO everything that had been done in the last 50 years! I'm so glad we took a picture of the living room when we were looking to buy the place, otherwise we wouldn't have this record. Pictures are worth a thousand words. And for the record, my Grandmother liked it as it was, more "modern".

Check out the before pic below...

A before shot of the living room

So this is what we saw. The ceiling had been lowered 1.5 feet with an acoustical tiled basement ceiling complete with florescent lights. The plaster walls and wainscoting were covered up by "Antique Maple" wood paneling and thick, red velvet curtains hung in every window. I imagined a massage parlor had once been in operation here.

The wainscoting going up the stairs was even covered up! Get a load of that red flocked wallpaper going up the stairs. Best little whorehouse in St. Albans! It looked more like someone's basement family room than a Queen Anne living room.

This was such a large project that we decided to put this page into 3 stages.

Click below for pictures and info

The Walls and Trim

The Floor

The Ceiling

Starting to get that ceiling done. I hate taping and mudding so we decided to go for a ceiling style that we found in another room, strapping for each seam. This means that instead of laying out the sheetrock all straight in a row, each piece started halfway up from the piece before. I don't know how many times I had to sketch this out to get it the way I wanted it. The mantel isn't centered in the room and I had to decide to either line the ceiling up with the mantel or evenly across the room. I decided on even. Took a long time to pick out some decent boards for the ceiling at Home Depot.

Check out the ceiling story here.

After the floor was finished and dried for a couple of days (now everything tasted like polyurethane), it was time to move in the radiators. I wish I had put this one on a scale before we moved it in. I was so worried about the floor we used layers of cardboard and wood paneling to protect the new finish. We got it in much nicer and easier than it was taken out (and with less gouging).

Eamon was a BIG help!

All it needs is some furniture and some cool old family photos and we're good to go!

And so here it is, voila! We put up a new ceiling, track lighting and a ceiling fan, new window molding and sills, repaired and repainted the walls and wainscoting, patched and refinished the floor and I think when all was said and done it ended up costing around $1,300 including getting the radiators stripped which was the only part we didn't do ourselves.

That's better. Thanksgiving.