The 1st Floor | The 2nd Floor

We spent our first 17 years concentrating on the interior of the house. This is the year where we tackle the exterior of the house! Our neighbors have suffered long enough.

In the beginning most of the work had been done on the first floor only as we still had tenants on the second floor up until 2011. The house was turned into apartments after it was sold in the 1960s to a Mrs. Menard from Quebec. I believe she was also the one who covered all the wainscoting with wood paneling in the living room, removed the original molding and dropped the 9 1/2' ceiling with acoustical tiling and florescent lights. But I digress... on the floor plan below, move your mouse over the room you want to see, click and you will be transported to either a work in progress or a complete room. Enjoy the trip!

See the 2nd Floor Here!

The Back Porch The Fireplace The Vestibule The Dining Room The Music Room The Pantry Corrine's Stairs The Kitchen The Living Room The Bathroom Under the Stairs The Front Porch