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Our house was built, in all its grand informality, as a Shingle Style Queen Anne ca. 1895. "By the 1890s, the all-American Free Classic adaptation was widespread. Now porches had classical columns instead of turned posts. The houses also had Palladian windows and pedimented entries—it was the beginning of the Colonial Revival."

This website is for the express purpose of documenting our house, it's history and what we've been doing to bring it back closer to its original state. The decades haven't been good to the old girl; aluminum siding, drop ceilings, wood paneling, flocked wallpaper and red velvet curtains all had to go.

This is not a job done by professionals, it's a well informed, DIY, labor of love. I think the folks at This Old House would have something to say if they saw what we were doing (sometimes I don't wear safety goggles!). We hire no contractors and we do the work ourselves. Check it out for yourself, 17 years strong and it just seems like the place will never be done!