Our house as it appears on a 1911 postcard when it was the home of
Mr. B. B. Perkins and his wife, Marion Bruce...

...and as it appeared in the 1930s when it was the home of
John and Ruth Cushing and their 3 children...

...and as it appeared in the 1960s when it was the home of
John and Fanny Willson and their children...

This is how the house looked when we bought it... except for the front door which was painted white.
This was Mrs. Menard's "contribution" to the house.

In 2020 we started stripping off the aluminum siding. Here is that progression.

The shingles were so bad on the right side of the porch that I ended up replacing them all and rebuilding the corner.
We stripped the aluminum and painted the porch before tackling what was above the porch roof.

Getting all the way up into the peak of the gable was a little nerve-wracking.
Just don't look down! It was so cool to uncover the house back to its 1960s facade.

The workers putting up the aluminum siding took chisels to the original drip edges on the windows.
It's a hell of a job rebuilding those as it often involves removing shingles or window frames or both.
You can see in this photo that I replaced all the shingles over the flashing on the porch roof.

Nothing like painting in the full-on sun of summer.
This is best left to the professionals.

The next stage of this required a ladder on the roof and a rappelling rope emerging from the attic.

It's slow having to paint from a ladder, especially one that is tied in requiring a re-tie every move
(St. Albans has incredibly strong wind).

This is where we currently stand. The staging is up and I'm currently working
on the other corner bracket which is not quite as heavily weathered and damaged as the front was.
More photos will follow!